About Us

RektConfessions is the first utility created by the Honestly project.

More info on Honestly here


inspired by CoinFessions

We wanted to create a platform where anyone can anonymously post their rekt Cypto stories and be rewarded from it.

Why do we require a Username/Password? We thought about this and realized that if we were to do "prizes/rewards/giveaways" we would have to have an email on file or else it would be impossible to verify who actually posted the confession.

You can create a fake name if you want, but the email on file is necessary if you want to win the prizes.

If you want to win, you can just create an anonymous account with a random name/email/age.

How to use RektConfessions:

Step 1: Create your account. Simple username/password/email. 1.png

Step 2: Add a gender/birthday. We did this so when people post anonymously it just says "Male/25 years old" 2.png Step 3: Click submit a story
Confessions must include a title/description/category. Tags and images are optional. Clicking "show my identity" will just show the username and profile picture provided. If you dont show your identity it just shows "Age/Gender" when you post.