Bug bounty

I once withdrew over $300,000 worth of rewards tokens from a DeFi yield farming protocol due to a bug. I immediately dumped it on the open market. The team never reported it to the community and brushed it under the rug.

shouldve sold

I am 43 years old and have lost over 150k trading spot/futures. I used to own a reputable travel business, and now I deliver Amazon packages and food orders. Feels good to be away from the charts.

Feels good

I cashed out seven figures in crypto this year. Connected with a homeless guy who doesn’t deserve to be. I’ve given him at least $25k in cash, hotel rooms, etc. I’m not gonna stop until he’s back on his feet. Feels damn good.

Airdrops save lives

I told my family and friends I work for a crypto firm but I really just got a big airdrop and now live off of it.

Glad I didnt quit

Crypto twitter nearly had me convinced to quit my job and go full time with it, glad I never did.

Sacrified everything for crypto

I thought sacrificing everything would get me somewhere but it didn't.

Spent my rent money

I invested all my money including my rent money. I made 10k out of it and I was so happy. I kept thinking that would never stop going up but it did. It went down, really down and I was left only with my rent money. No food or anything else left. So stressful and disappointing.

NFTs been good to me

Started trading NFTs in February 2022 and turned $300 into $20,000 doing the bare minimum. I just turned 17 and my entire perception of money is destroyed. I have no idea how I will be working for just $25/hour when I am older.

Its all gone

A friend of mine remembered he had purchased 15 Ethereum in 2016 and recently remembered in January 2022. I recommended he put them into Celsius to earn some yield. Now it's all gone and I feel awful. I can't help but feel responsible and I'm going to try and pay him back.

Missed my opportunity

Investing in crypto since early 2017, and only made 5x with a starting capital of 1000 USD. My GF who knows nothing about the space and started in 2022 with my advice has already made more than me. I've missed the biggest opportunity of my life.

No Self Worth

I'm 17, and watching people in crypto that are even younger than me become incredibly successful has completely destroyed my sense of self-worth and confidence since I basically had the same opportunity. I feel pretty lost but I am not gonna give up trying.

Got too cocky

I am a pretty decent trader, multiple times I have turned $2000-$3000 into $30,000+, only to lose it all because I got cocky and tried to swing for the fences.

Has this happened to you?

Invested £500 in early 2021 and got up to £70k. Didn't cash out and watched it fall all the way back to under £300. Hate myself every day for not taking profit and changing my life. I'm still struggling to pay the bills.

Retirement Money Gone

In 2021 I cashed out my life savings of 20 years (401k and house equity) and put it into leverage trading and ultra low cap coins. I was wiped out. It destroyed my marriage and delayed my retirement by at least 10 years.