money usnt everything

Lost it all recently. I started saying stuff like "money isn't everything" and "some people are so poor, all they have is money" but in reality, it's cope and bitterness. I wish I had even 10% of what I had at the top. Life has been miserable since then and I hate it.


I put 50k in a cursed altcoin and never took profit. Since then I tried to make it back lev trading and lost it all. Feel like there is no way out but to stick around. I know if I leave CT I will miss out on generational wealth. So I just keep buying every month. This is the way.

I regret crypto

I have been building software and buying crypto since 2016. My net worth is -50k. I have made over 500k from my software business and have put it all along with 50k from family and lost it all. If I hadn’t touched crypto I’d be halfway to being a millionaire.

Back to Doordash

$400 in DoorDash delivery money turned into 150k in one year. Quit DoorDash, didn’t take profits at the top, and bills ate what I had left over. Now at $4,000 and back at DoorDash.

Bagholder confessions

I have a steady job and can live without that money but holy shit I hate it here.